Aaah! It FINALLY happened guys! I finally made this video that I promised you all about how I study!

This video also kicks off the third season of my web series “Med Student Mania”. In this season we’re going to be talking about how to do anything on your premed list in 10 steps! This includes everything from finding a research opportunity to interviewing! :) 

I’m also FINALLY getting the hang of this YouTube thing (please note fancy new custom thumbnails!!) and this video is definitely a longer one than some of the others! Thanks to actually having a camera now instead of just using the iSight on my Mac we should have some higher quality video for you all too! :) 

You can find this video (plus the first two seasons of this web series) over at LadyKayVlogs on YouTube. 

I really cannot believe how many of you guys have been watching this little internet adventure of mine. Hugs for all of you who have been watching and double hugs if you’re subscribed to me over on YouTube! :) 

P.S. Since this took FOREVER to upload I’ll probably be spamming you all again tomorrow and shamelessly self-promoting in case you missed this upload the first time. :)